Bonivital SC

Press Release

Bonivital Soccer Club (BVSC) is pleased to formally announce our partnership with World Soccer Academy (WSA). We are constantly looking to build our programs and the development of our players.

This partnership creates a direct link to the PDL team and solidifies our cradle to grave approach in our Club. BVSC wants to offer soccer to our players from the beginning stages and continue their development after they leave our youth programming. As well, we want to promote the game of soccer in Winnipeg by creating an environment that supports our local team and homegrown talent.

The relationship with WSA links our boys program (U16-­‐U18) and gives them access to PDL training, try outs and constant scouting and evaluations by WSA. Players will be selected to attend PDL training, exhibition matches and try outs. These selections will be by the WSA Coaching Staff and BVSC Technical Staff. By having this relationship WSA has committed to take players from our Club every year.

The players that are selected to the PDL have the opportunity to be involved in the highest level of soccer offered in Manitoba as well have access to a scouting platform for the MLS and College Scouts, these are avenues that do not previously exist in Manitoba for our male youth players.

BVSC has built a strong foundation and created an imprint in the youth soccer community in Winnipeg. We will only grow stronger by providing a pathway for our youth players to transition into their senior playing years, keeping players in the game longer and in an environment that allows them to develop.

BVSC is proud to provide a soccer community to the WSA. We will have players, teams, family and friends come out and attend their games. We will be releasing information on the upcoming season on how teams, players, coaches and families can support the WSA during the upcoming 2016 outdoor season. We look forward to supporting WSA and the former and current BVSC players on the team!

“Together We Rise.”

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