WSA Winnipeg leave St.Louis winless, but improved

In a three-game in four-day swing, WSA Winnipeg did everything but find the net in a road trip to St. Louis.

The Wolfpack lost 3-0 Sunday to the St. Louis Lions while dropping a back to back against Saint Louis FC U-23 1-0 and 2-0 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“We had our chances but are still looking for that one moment that can get the momentum going,” head coach Eduardo Badescu said. “It feels like once we get one the floodgates will open up.”

Winnipeg is also looking at all the defeats as more of a 1-0 result, with all other goals coming late in the game, when they were pressing trying to equalize.

“We got beat on a couple of counter-attacks but we had to go for it, all the games were close.”

There are some positives to take away from the opening games of the 2017 PDL season. Winnipeg is averaging only two goals against per game, led by the work of goalkeeper Evan Barker, who ranks 4th in the 72 team PDL in saves with 18.

While they would prefer to win, the start to the campaign is a noticeable improvement from 2016. By this point last season they had been outscored 18-1. The current tally is 8-0 through four games.

But like last season, the group is dealing with the toll that a lengthy road trip brings. Players are shuffled in and out to prevent injury and leaves some starters off the pitch on certain nights. Raphael Ohin, one of the top players in 2016, was unable to make the trip.

“We always come on late in the season because that is when we have more time to prepare for games and keep the same players together.”

“But this year we have almost everyone on the trip and it shows based on the results.”

WSA Winnipeg closes out the five-game season opening road trip on Friday, May 26 against Chicago FC United.

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